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Depth of insight and understanding of mission and ministry The memory I carry to this day of Isa is the depth of her insight and understanding of mission and ministry.  These were, I believe, gifts of God, shaped by years in Africa, and given expression by the cataclysmic 2010 earthquake in Haiti:
We, the ICM (Cœur Immaculé de Marie/Immaculate Heart of Mary) Sisters and RJMs (Religious of Jesus and Mary) started our three day visit to the south on 24th August. We were 7 sisters (6 ICM and 1 RJM) with two cars (1 sent by the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church, Toi Raque and the other from us RJMs). Since we were a big group, even two cars were not enough to take the people plus all the supplies. We requested that HAITI TRANSPORT send us a small truck, which they did. Haiti Transport is providing this service free of charge to all the Congregations or Organizations taking aid to the south of the country. They were a group of 3 men, a driver and 2 helpers. One sat with the driver and the other at the back to guard the supplies. In total we were 12 people...
August 14, 2021, 8:30 AM is a day and time that the people of southwest Haiti will not soon forget. Nor will the rest of the world, as we watched in horror and heartbreak as the first images of the earthquake's damage emerged. While the 4 Religious of Jesus and Mary currently in-country are fine, all felt the earthquake's tremors and shaking, especially our 2 RJMs in Port-au-Prince which is only 90 miles from the southwestern area impacted.