Recent Updates

photos by Brittany Galvin
On Saturday, October 6, at about 8:11 PM a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck northwest Haiti, its epicenter about 11 miles outside the city of Port-de-Paix.  It was followed by strong aftershocks that were felt as far away as Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital. So far, seventeen people have died; 353 houses were destroyed; and 7430, damaged.  However, with time these figures will probably rise.
Ten USA-Haiti province participants had the great fortune of attending the Symposium, JM: Jesus and Mary, 200 Years of Faith and Hope, held from October 4 - 6 in Lyon, France.
RJM BICENTENARY CLOSING - Lyon, France: The ten participants from the USA-Haiti Province arrived safely in Lyon on October 3rd at the Symposium, “Jesus and Mary, 200 Years of Faith and Hope.”