Recent Updates

Bridges, June 7, 2019
The Pre-Chapter assembly in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was an enriching experience of interculturality with our sisters from every part of our congregation. We worked hard in listening, understanding, sharing in both large and small groups - with the help of our translator, Paloma, a volunteer from our community in Jean Rabel. Thank God for her and the new translation equipment that Monica and team purchased. A wonderful spirit of bonded us together.
Bridges, May 24, 2019
“It is clear that no one has the answer as to how we should chart the future that lies before us. I think however, what is crystal clear is that perhaps we have never needed each other quite as much as we do at this moment, and our world has (perhaps) never needed us more.”
"I felt the pre-chapter spiritual preparation as well as the regional meetings set a tone for our Provincial chapter which were life-giving. Marge’s opening address challenged me - especially her question: What calls do you hear revealing who we need to be and where we need to stand today?"