Recent Updates

Bridges, October 4, 2019
Sr. Eileen Reid and I were happy that we were able to take part in this special liturgy – and particularly happy at the ease with which we found a parking space in downtown Washington, the site of St. Matthew’s Cathedral. (Thank you, Claudine!)
Bridges, September 27, 2019
Who knows where the time goes? It’s hard to believe that we are now on our second break day and have been engaged in the Chapter now for 12 days. The name tags, the initial introductions of persons, places, and schedules are well behind us and we stand poised and ready for a deeper plunge into the realities of our world and a consideration of actions.
Haiti Mission Newsletter - Summer 2019
On January 19th, Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM, and Sr. Nazareth Ybarra, RJM, were presented with the prestigious William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award which honors outstanding individuals who have undertaken extraordinary work and dedicated their lives to the people of Haiti.  The distinguished award was presented to them in Dublin Ireland, by Haven, the leading non-governmental Irish charity working on the ground in Haiti.