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RJM Associates

Since 1983, we have had special partners linked to the congregation, the RJM Associates, known as the Family of Jesus and Mary. 1615 members belong to the FJM forming 98 groups around the world. “The members….wish to live according to the values of the Gospel, participating in the charism of Saint Claudine Thevenet and her spirituality.”

In a variety of ways, the FJM groups share in the mission of the RJM: to make Jesus and Mary known and loved, the concern for the education of the young, a love for the poor and a fidelity to the Church.

Norene, a wife, a mother of two children, and a member of the FJM writes:

“Through the years we’ve grown in size and have become more active in carrying out St. Claudine’s mission of community, service to others and spirituality… Our group has always had a commitment to service.  For many years we participated in a monthly outreach. Some projects included collecting diapers and toys for a local family shelter, donating to various disaster relief efforts, and writing letters to elected officials to stop human trafficking. For the past years we have also “adopted” families at Christmas and provided gifts for the children and parents. Although these are all worthwhile causes, the ones closest to our hearts are the RJM missions in Haiti…”

And so, for the past three years, this group has maintained a table at a monthly parish flea market to sell used items and clothing; the money raised is for the RJM mission in Haiti.

In the USA, the RJM have FJM groups in California/Juarez, Rhode Island and New York.


"Today, more and more, there is the awareness that the charism of Founders and Foundresses, which arose for the good of all, have to be placed again in the center of the Church, open to communion and to the participation of all the members of the People of God." [CICL – 2001]

Our membership in UNANIMA has shown us the strength of women religious working together with ONE SPIRIT, ONE MISSION, ONE HOPE. We are grateful to be part of this collaborative endeavor and energizing network of social justice and work for systemic change in our world.

The Religious of Jesus and Mary in the United States have always valued collaboration in ministry wherever we have been sent. We have been partners with parish priests, staffs, colleagues, other religious congregations, organizations, family and friends in trying to "…incarnate the grace of pardon and of reconciliation, and to share with the poor and the marginalized the 'new wine of the feast of the kingdom.'"

Volunteers for HAITI provides the laity with an opportunity to serve God’s people in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Volunteers are committed to developing their spirituality, living simply, growing in community and working for social justice that challenges unjust structures. They live with the Religious of Jesus and Mary sisters (RJM’s) and share in their mission.

A vocation is not a single event.  It is a gradual unfolding of our journey in faith during which God invites us to find our distinctive style of loving. Our responsibility is to discern the Spirit’s movements in our heart which lead us to discover how we can best serve God and God’s people; how we can cooperate with God’s love and God’s life within us most generously and most authentically.

The Volunteer Program is an opportunity to open a possible way in the society of walls, of separations and of exclusions, so that persons who are on both sides can relate with one another and express in a tangible way that these paths are possible.