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Images of sisters at Jesus and Mary Mission Center, Plainville, Massachusetts:

After years of active service, some religious have found new ministries in their time of retirement. The convent in Plainville, Massachusetts, offers an atmosphere of peace and relaxation while providing meaningful activities.

  • Sr. Beatrice Bonin was in charge of the youngest boarders at Villa Augustina in New Hampshire. Her maternal touch impacted many children and allayed their fears. Presently, Sr. Beatrice can often be seen helping out in the dining room either before or after meals and going for daily walks on the property.
  • Sr. Jacqueline Jacques taught religion and inspired high school students instructing them in the basics of their faith. Later, she worked with the immigrant population in Providence, Rhode Island. She now has time to pursue her great loves, writing and reading spiritual books.
  • Sr. Bernadette Berard was a middle school teacher, devoted to her students, helping each one to reach his or her potential. She sees her ministry now as one of prayer asking God to bless friends and benefactors.
  • Sr. Shirley Leveille’s love of books led her to serve students as a school librarian. She was always available helping everyone to identify resources. In the community, she works with others to create an atmosphere conducive to retirement. One of her ministries includes being a lector at Mass.
  • Sr. Carmel Ethier is fascinated with all things related to science. As a biology teacher, she shared this love with her students. A few years before retirement, she pursued her interest in languages and taught Spanish. Today, she continues to be inspired by nature as she tends to the plants on the grounds and inside the convent. She is particularly proud of her hibiscus.
  • Sr. Pauline Ayotte continues to keep busy in her retirement. As a school guidance counselor, she offered practical advice and helped students plan their future. When she retired from this position, she became the caretaker of the community property in New Hampshire. In Plainville she provides transportation for the sisters who no longer drive. She does take time to relax and reflect.
  • Sr. Michelle Authier’s nursing skills and companionship have been a source of consolation to the sick and suffering beyond our community settings, and within our RJM communities. Over the past several years, not only has she been attentive to the well-being of each sister in our Plainville community, she has also overseen the health care of our aged sisters living at Madonna Manor. Even though Sr. Michelle has been “on call” during the night, she rises early to prepare the morning coffee for the sisters.
  • Sr. Consolata Valcourt’s hallmark is her long service in ministry to the Congregation. As novice mistress, she was responsible for the young girls who entered the novitiate. Now amid all this retirement and second careers, there are moments for a daily walk. Sr. Consolata enjoys the sunshine and the beauty of the grounds.
  • Sr. Diane Dube was welcomed, this fall of 2016, as the community leader for the Jesus Mary Mission Center in Plainville, MA. She continues to visit and see to the needs of our RJM sisters living at Marillac Residence and Elizabeth Seton Residence, a retirement community in Wellesley, MA.
  • Sr. Lina Lavoie served the community as a creative cook for many years in our New England houses. She is currently retired in our community in Plainville and enjoys creating lovely pictures in the popular adult art.
  • Sr. Mary Sanchez was an elementary school teacher in El Paso and a Quest volunteer for many years at a mission in Tijuana, Mexico. Her specialty was teaching English as a second language. She is currently retired at our house in Plainville, MA.
  • Sr. Pauline Joyal taught elementary school for 55 years both on the east coast and on the west coast. Her specialty was first grade. Today she is “retired” in Plainville offering her help in sacramental preparation for individuals in St. Martha’s parish and as a sponsor for RCIA.
  • Sr. Alice Cote served as our province treasurer in Maryland for many years. She also taught elementary school and served as the Manager of Joan of Arc Residence in San Diego. She is currently serving as manager and treasurer at our community retirement house in Plainville, MA.
  • Sr. Lucie Jusseaume was a teacher in Woonsocket, RI and Director of Religious Education in several parishes in Rhode Island for many years. She is currently doing community service in our retirement house in Plainville, MA.
  • Sr. Clarice Dionne held many leadership positions for the RJM in her lifetime, and is lovingly remembered as a gracious hostess at the retreat center in Highland Mills, NY for many years. She is currently residing at Madonna Manor in North Attleboro, MA.
  • Sr. Antoinette Gamache was an elementary teacher in New England for many years and later served as a CNA for the community. She currently resides in Swansea, MA.

At the end of the day, the community relaxes with Molly the favorite pet who revels in the attention of so many sisters.

  • Sr. Diane Dube
    Sr. Diane Dube
  • Sr. Pauline Ayotte
    Sr. Pauline Ayotte
  • Sr. Carmel Ethier
    Sr. Carmel Ethier
  • Sr. Michelle Authier
    Sr. Michelle Authier
  • Sr. Consolata Valcourt
    Sr. Consolata Valcourt
  • Sr. Bernadette Berard
    Sr. Bernadette Berard
  • Sr.Jacqueline Jacques
    Sr.Jacqueline Jacques
  • Sr. Shirley Leveille
    Sr. Shirley Leveille
  • Sr. Beatrice Bonin
    Sr. Beatrice Bonin
  • Sr. Lina Lavoie
    Sr. Lina Lavoie
  • Sr. Mary Sanchez
    Sr. Mary Sanchez
  • Sr. Pauline Joyal
    Sr. Pauline Joyal
  • Sr. Lucie Jusseaume
    Sr. Lucie Jusseaume
  • Sr. Alice Cote
    Sr. Alice Cote
  • Sr. Clarice Dionne
    Sr. Clarice Dionne
  • Sr. Antoinette Gamache
    Sr. Antoinette Gamache
  • Molly the favorite pet
    Molly the favorite pet

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