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Saturday, April 2, the 7th grade students of Jesus-Mary experienced a time of prayer and sharing in order to better understand the message of Lent.

They took part in many activities, such as painting (right), and the “friendship chain” (below), that allowed them to understand reality, such as: friendship and solidarity with the whole earth. The opportunity to allowed them to discover and share their ability to do what is right. They thought and prayed that God’s mercy and love would last forever. They were able to share in discovering what is good in school life and in their Families, to discover God’s compassion.

They were overjoyed to discover how God uses them to show God’s compassion. They made decisions about how they would like to live – a way to show their commitment.

They have many dreams and are able to help the life of the school come to resemble more the life God wants for all His children.

– Sr. Middia Doute, RJM (photos by Sr. Middia Doute and Met Kenson Valcin)

The above is excerpted from an article by Sr. Middia, which is attached in its entirety to the Bridges email. The article contains additional pictures that you’ll want to see.

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