Incarnating forgiveness, reconciliation and healing

Forgiveness is at the core of God’s merciful goodness and at the heart of Claudine’s foundational experience. Forgiveness is truly an essential characteristic of her charismatic grace. However, it is a grace received only at the end of a long, interior journey, a path through pain and darkness. We pray to enter Claudine’s experience of God’s loving pardon.

Looking on our world with the eyes of Claudine and responding to its miseries

Gazing upon our world with Claudine’s eyes, being moved as she was by the suffering around her, we beg for the grace to be moved to COMPASSION and ACTION as she was. We are invited to explore the depths of that compassion in ourselves.


Living a life committed to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

The PERSONAL dimension of this third priority calls us to pray for, and deepen, INTERIOR PEACE. We know that inner peace is a requirement for becoming PEACEMAKERS, prophets of peace. The peace offered as a gift of Jesus – “not as the world gives” – is both still and dynamic. It is like the balance of the cyclist: stable in movement, but not static. The person who has interior peace is rooted in a still center, and can encounter the storms of life without losing that peace at a deep level. This doesn’t mean that life will be without difficulties or troubles that disturb. With God at the heart of it all, one learns that to find peace one needs first to seek and find God. . .