Recent Updates

Multi-colored hands in a circle.
St. Francis Xavier Church in NYC joins people in our country and around the world in a commitment to racial justice and created this PLEDGE. With their permission, I offer part of it in BRIDGES for your reading and reflection as we address this issue in our Province.
The celebration of Pentecost took on new meaning in this time of pandemic as the New York RJMs gathered to celebrate the “Birthday of the Church”, and that of Sr. Norene Costa.
Better Not Bitter cover.
Province Commitment on Anti-Racism: We, as a province, moved by the increasing evidence of division and bigotry in the USA, commit to efforts at eradicating the evil of racism in our society, Church, communities and in our personal relationships. We will do this through education, careful reflection on our use of language, recognition of our own complicity in perpetuating this injustice, and initiatives of inclusiveness that accept and welcome all.