Recent Updates

Geri Lanham, a 2nd year Quest-Volunteer for Haiti, brings to our consciousness that the ability to attend school is not something we should take for granted.  Receiving an education in Haiti is “a lifeline for many families… Lekó Jezi-Mari started under a mango tree in 1998.” Little by little, the bird builds its nest…
Its name, Maison Bon Samaritain, "the House of the Good Samaritan," speaks to the fact that it is a place where the hands of others come to support and heal those who were broken. The hands of the four-person nursing staff act as the healing hands of God.
The church was filled with relatives, friends and parishioners. From Plainville Sisters Diane Dube, and Pauline Ayotte, from NY Sisters Norene Costa and Christine Carrigg, from Swansea Sr. Antoinette Gamache, from Lincoln, RI Sisters Mary and Jackie Crepeau came to join the St. Timothy community.  There would have been five more, but the pouring rain (sleet farther north) prevented them from travelling.