“Justice, peace, and integrity of creation” (often abbreviated as “JPIC“) is a shorthand phrase used by many Catholic organizations and others to refer to a commitment to the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, especially in light of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and the role that individuals and communities play in co-creating a world that conforms to God’s plan for salvation and the Gospel proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

Many religious congregations and other institutions and communities within the Catholic Church have chosen to focus on JPIC and to work actively to promote justice, peace, and the integrity of creation as part of their lives and ministries.

The Religious of Jesus and Mary include a commitment to JPIC as part of the JM Preferences that have been adopted by the sisters globally and the USA-Haiti Province expresses our commitment to JPIC in our priorities.

The Religious of Jesus and Mary actively partner with other organizations in the USA and around the world to deepen and carry out our JPIC commitment. Partners like the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, UNANIMA International, and many others have excellent resources related to justice, peace, and integrity of creation.

This page is meant to serve as a hub for information about the JPIC commitments, values, actions, and opportunities throughout the USA-Haiti Province. Please check back here especially for information from the provincial JPIC Committee. Information about our ministries and sisters who are living our commitment to JPIC principles can be found in our Bridges newsletters.

More information specifically about our commitment to care for creation is available here.