Bridges, February 19, 2021

WATER PROJECT – NAN 18 and Cotton, Haiti

When a large donation arrived from the Irish NGO, HAVEN, it was decided to invest it in a Water Project for one of the communities who suffer dreadfully from drought and have to travel long distances for water.  However, when the necessary budget was drawn up, more funds were needed!  The Allegany Franciscan Ministries and other donations came to the rescue.

It was such a joy to visit and see how this project has progressed over the last four months.  Wicho Filor (in red), with his colleagues, Luc Placide (in blue) and Sanfleuris Fleurinor, in cooperation with Casek Riquet, have done marvelous work.

Sr. Valle Chías González-Blanch and I were led along the water route.  A huge reservoir was built on the hill that spans the two communities of Nan 18 and Cotton.  The reservoir holds enough water to service the five fountains, such as the one on the right, that have been built along the 4 kilometer stretch of pipe line.  At least a hundred people participated in manually transporting bags of cement up the hill in order to build the reservoir.  They also dug the canals for the water pipes.  The water source was clean and secure. 

A pump was installed and housing built for the generator, pump and purifiers.  A committee is being formed to supervise and manage the flow of water, collect a small monthly fee from each household and hold community meetings.

The workload of the women is lessened, no longer travelling long distances to get water, no longer washing clothes in the not-too-clean river water, no longer worrying about having sufficient water to cook, wash and clean.  The health of the communities is bound to improve, physically and mentally.  Other people from outside their communities are coming to get water too, as many other areas have the same problem.

The people of Nan 18 and Cotton are so grateful for this basic gift of water.  They wave their hands in the air, smile, and after thanking God, they send heartfelt words of gratitude to all who have helped to make this project a reality.  May Jesus and Mary bless you for your prayer and generosity.

– Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM

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