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A SAD REALITY – Jean Rabel, Haiti

Mezelia and her husband have at least five grown up children, most of whom have left their local area, seeking a better life in the capital Port-au-Prince. Both were hardworking parents trying to provide food and education for their family.

They saved enough money to buy a plot of land in Cotton, near the school their grandchildren could attend. They intended building a family house. They had a mule, which helped them transport goods to and from the market. One night a bandit came and stole the mule. Some time after Mezelia’s husband got sick, had a stroke and is now lying lifeless in a makeshift house. He cries and sighs…. where are all his dreams… Mezelia is thankful for the medicines from the Mobile Clinic team…. and cares for him as best as she can under the circumstances.

One of their daughters, who had two little girls, stayed with them. The two girls, one 10 years and the other 12, are attending school and progressing well. However, their Mother has had a nervous breakdown, and is in hospital.

Another daughter who has a young baby has arrived to their shack.

To add to their woes, a 14-year-old grandson has come from Port au Prince to live with them. His parents fear for his life, that he may be recruited into one of the vicious gangs operating in the city, and thought he would be safer in the northwest. Plans are afoot to enroll him in school.

Every effort is being made to try and get support for the family and to build a decent house. Nobody should have to live the end of their years in these terrible conditions.

Please keep them in mind and support them in whatever way you can.

– Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM

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