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December 28th was a memorable day because the Jean Rabel basketball team had invited the Mol St. Nicholas team to a friendly match! The first basketball match in many years.

It was awesome, with both teams scoring 3 point baskets from long distances. The play was professional, refereed by Jolie Coeur, who was on holidays from Port-au-Prince.

The spectators were anxiously watching the scoreboard as one team edged ahead of the other. Applause, cheers and shouts of joy followed each basket. Even at half time, players and spectators were out on the court dancing!

In the final minutes, Jean Rabel raced ahead with a winning score of 41 points to Mol St. Nicholas, 36 points!

There was huge preparation for this event.  Sr. Curín García Calvo, RJM (below), who arrived from Spain at the end of August 2021, initiated the interest in basketball. She started with the children, teaching them various basketball skills. She visited schools with her committee of Chalo (on right), Fidel and Renaldo, inviting girls to form a team. She and her committee organized a volun- tary group, who repaired the basketball court, painted in the required dimensions and once more positioned the basketball posts and backboards. She gathered tennis shoes, T-shirts, basketballs, pumps, needles and other equipment so this important day could take place. On the day itself, the children carried 4 heavy seating forms to and from the basketball court.

There were many meetings with local groups. Chalo went by moto to Mol St. Nicholas to personally deliver the invitation.  All this culminated in the wonderful match on the 28th.   The younger players are excited and enthusiastic to learn more, arriving daily at our house, calling for Curín!  Thank you, Curín, and all who helped to make this day a reality!

– Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM

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