Bridges, January 8, 2021

MOBILE CLINIC – Jean Rabel, Haiti

Here is the mobile clinic team that has started this December in the Jean Rabel area.

Left to right are Renaldo, who translates, Wadly who drives, Sr. Valle Chías González-Blanch, RJM who is the doctor, and Sherline, the health agent. They are out at 8:00am each morning, to one of the little clinics in Gros Sable, Akadien, Colette, Cotton, Diondion, Framadou… unless rain prevents the ambulance from crossing rivers or negotiating narrow muddy roads.

They have seen an average of 25 patients each day, with more having to wait until the next visit. Those most in need get priority. The people are so grateful for this service as the local hospital is far from their localities and gives limited and expensive service.

Blessings on all who support them…. it is an advent…. leading to Christmas joy and New Year Promise!

– Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM

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