Josela Gil Navarro, RJM.


As a province, we wish to take this opportunity to extend our deep gratitude to Josela Gil Navarro, RJM who served in the international community in Port-au-Prince and who recently returned to Spain.

Josela’s leadership and experience, her presence and companionship have been gifts to our RJM mission in Haiti, and to each and all the RJMs there whether in Port-au-Prince, Gros Morne, or Jean Rabel.

We send warmest wishes to Josela, assuring her of our love and prayers!



Perhaps some of you watched the riveting testimony of the four policemen who were among those defending the US Capitol Building against the January 6th onslaught.  For those of us who are reading CASTE, the accounts given during the hearing, and the questions and responses that followed brought to mind the considerations and insights expressed so powerfully by Isabel Wilkerson in her book.

As we struggle to understand and then respond to the call of our General Chapter to “live forgiveness and reconciliation;…”  “to work with passion for justice…,” and to carry out our province commitment to “efforts at eradicating the evil of racism….,” Wilkerson’s book throws a powerful light on aspects of our history and present reality, and gives us a tool for understanding them.

We hope, in our August 10th discussion, to explore together our own reflections in light of the author’s take on caste as a hidden but powerful force in the way we view one another.  The sharing on Zoom will be a way to listen to one another, learn from one another, and come to a deeper understanding, not only of our society, but of the forces that influence our own perceptions.

To register for the online discussion, scheduled for Tuesday, August 10, from 1:30 to 3pm, please e-mail Sr. Rita Ricker:  All who register will receive an outline of the questions and issues we hope to address.  As the date draws near, Rita will send the invitation to the ZOOM call.  Sr. Janet Stolba will be facilitating our discussion.

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