Coming here just after finishing med-school has been a wonderful and very deep experience for me. I have never considered in my life coming to Haiti, but I am sure now that it has been a beautiful present from God. I am a Colombian medical doctor, 23 years old, who believed in Jesus and was involved in catholic groups at university, but I think I have never felt Jesus as near as I have found him being here.

Right now, I am saying goodbye to this experience after 4 months of volunteering, and I can say that it definitely made me actively search for that God who does not abandon, who supports and embraces. Sometimes I’m getting upset and wanting to run to my comfort zone, to my safe place and to where I have control… but then, seeing myself pushed by Jesus to stay, to keep insisting; to sharpen my gaze and recognize Jesus’ face in each person, each child, each grandmother here… to witness that an “if God wills” or an “only God knows” is more valuable and sufficient for them than a scientific, medical or probabilistic explanation; to be part of an Eucharist sung with fervor, wearing their best or only gala dress with their most charming shoes; of the overflowing kindness and anguish to give three times more of what you have asked for them, what you need or what they think will be good for you… of looking at you with a deep and loving gaze, just as Jesus looks at us every day.

Today I thank God and all the people with whom I was able to share some of this. It has been an experience that has expanded my horizons and has rebuilt me ​​with a different sensitivity towards the last, the marginalized, the forgotten and the most needy, but also the most faithful, the most compassionate and the unconditional to the Lord. Thank you Haiti and thank you Religious of Jesus and Mary for allowing me to come here.

– Dr. Laura Casallas


Several weeks ago, The New York Times published insightful articles on Haiti. One of the articles, “The Root of Haiti’s Misery”, is attached to the Bridges email, or you can read it (or listen) online by going to: www.nytimes.com/2022/05/20/world/americas/haiti-history-colonized-france.html. If anyone want to be more involved stateside in advocacy, I would be happy to pass along contacts.

Here in Gros Morne, we count on your continued prayers for us and our Haitian sisters and brothers.

– Sr. Pat Dillon, RJM

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