Messages from four of our East Coast Jubilarians…

I am “humbled and grateful” for the many kind messages and gifts I received for my 65 years as an RJM. Muchas gracias!
– Marie de Belen Rojas

Thank you for your prayers, cards, and donations received on the occasion of my golden jubilee. It doesn’t seem possible that 50 years have passed. It’s been a gift to be among you. Special thanks to all who prepared the anniversary celebration… it was beautiful and meaningful.
Love, Diane

The fox had it right….but, in the end, the heart does unearth all the beauty. The beauty was made visible by your messages, prayers, by your sharing your favorite charities with me, the sacrifice of your time to let me know. For it all, for making our province so great by who you are thank you, more than I can say…
Love and prayers, Lorraine, RJM

I loved reading all your all your gracious messages for my Jubilee that brought you back to mind with many loving memories. Your generous gifts for different ministries is very heartwarming. With great gratitude, I thank you and thank God for you.
Love, Therese, RJM

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