In the mobile clinic of Jesus-Mary of Jean Rabel, we are not stopping! In the team we have (left to right): myself, Sr. Valle Chías González-Blanch, RJM, a doctor, Sherline Petit-Homme, a nursing assistant, Celestin Cereste, who is in charge of malnourished minors, and Wadly Lordeus, the driver.

In case you don’t know about the project, every day of the week we go to a different town and cover the entire area of ​​Jean Rabel (Northwest Haiti) and there we provide health care to the population: children, the elderly, young people, pregnant women. Simple cases arrive, that with the means we have, we can solve or continue, but for other complicated cases that need surgery, we must look for other treatment possibilities in other areas of Haiti.

We currently serve 15 different areas and see 25 patients every day! People are very appreciative of the service we provide, because not only do we go to their town and they avoid the two-hour drive to the nearest health center, but the mobile clinic is also much more affordable for them. This year we have started a project to care for children under 5 with severe malnutrition. We already follow more than 60! This reality in Haiti is exacerbated by the pandemic and the current war in Ukraine, and means that many families do not have sufficient means to provide adequate food for their children.

This has led to an increase in the number of minors with severe malnutrition. We work to minimize the consequences for these boys and girls.

New features of the mobile clinic are a portable ultrasound machine, which helps us with diagnoses, as well as a laboratory that we are creating to give our patients proper care. Here I am using the ultrasound on a pregnant patient. We also currently have the presence of Dr. Laura Casallas, a medical volunteer who will be with us for a few months supporting the project.

We keep rolling for health!

– Sr. Valle Chías González-Blanch, RJM

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