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Keeping the Spirit Alive!

Thank you very much to Norene and Eileen for sharing the following reflections on the first session of our Province Chapter.

I felt the pre-chapter spiritual preparation as well as the regional meetings set a tone for our Provincial chapter which were life-giving. Marge’s opening address challenged me – especially her question: What calls do you hear revealing who we need to be and where we need to stand today? And the need to embrace “our time to move on…” the invitation is before me (us): What action steps can we take together to become freer for mission and ministry?

I pray that the grace of a “Contemplative Spirit” will deepen in me and us so that we will be open more and more to see our province with “fresh eyes, an open heart, and courage”. We can do it!!!

– Sr. Eileen Reid, RJM

“The mark of a healthy and authentic Christian Community is not large numbers inspiring worship or dogmatic theology, but the way in which power is exercised within it.”

The power exercised in the contemplative approach through the Process of Contemplative Engagement, and the movement of being in relationship with God, others and all creatures… to the Leadership Team, and to Sister Cathy Bertrand, SSND, the Reports, the Delegates, Cheryl, and to the SEED that blossomed into a magenta flower set on our small group table. Thank YOU!

– Sr. Norene Costa, RJM

Reminder: In an email sent on 4/24, we invited each delegate to send brief reflections to be published in Bridges. A separate request is to send your personal reflection in a sealed and self-addressed envelopes. This will be returned to you at the Second Session. Please see 4/24 email for reflection questions. Thank you to those who have done this already!!! Let’s keep responses to both requests coming…

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