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YOUTH DAY – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

A long-planned Youth Day finally took place on  Sunday, November 1st.

It was impossible to hold the meeting until now, because of the situation in Port-au-Prince with demonstrations and violence and later COVID-19.  Among those who confirmed, two could not come because they came across demonstrations in the street and were obliged to return home. 

Though it was planned and organized by our community in Port-au-Prince, it was a pastoral action  of the communities of Haiti, since both Srs. Jackie Picard and Pat Dillon in Gros Morne and Srs. Rose Kelly and Valle Chias Gonzalez-Blanch in Jean Rabel were very happy to send some young people who could participate.  A girl from Gros Morne stayed with us in our community and two youth from Jean Rabel stayed with their relations in Port-au-Prince.  In all, 24 young people from 16 to 32 years old, gathered in our community. 

It was a carefree day for them. They had fun with games and activities helping them to know each other and they liked the times of prayer and reflection.

They were quite open to sharing their feelings and emotions about what  they have been through during this year, especially the time of Covid-19.

The day ended with a festive Haitian meal, rice with beans, sauce creole, fried chicken and salad,      followed by   coconut milk pudding. 

We want this to continue.

– Sr. Farzana Philip and the Port-au-Prince Community

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