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We arrived very well, with Sr. Yudith Pereira, RJM. We passed through Santo Domingo and came to Port-au-Prince in a small 20-seater plane. I was very impressed to see mountains and more mountains, and more and more … Uf !!!! I don’t know what space they have left to cultivate …

This morning at 7 o’clock we went to Mass at the Parish and I liked it sooooo much. I seemed to be in Cameroon because of the French, the well-known songs, the participation of the people … I enjoyed it. This afternoon we have a meeting with the parents of the Pas-a-Pas students.

This photo was taken Sunday at the party closing the Bicentenary of the founding of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Sr. Farzana Philip, RJM (right) and I (left) attended and we liked it a lot.

They tell me that this school of the Brothers is the official school of Canada and that is why it is so beautiful and well cared for; it depends on Canada and follows the Canadian education system. I remember that in Bata and Malabo the Spanish school had been entrusted to the Salesians. For Spain it was much more economical and for the Salesians, many of whom were Spaniards, very advantageous. Well, the same here. The founders in Haiti were Canadians, as in Cameroon too.

On the right is my birthday party.

On September 30, Pere Coindre started the Congregation of the Sacred Heart. That same day I arrived in Haiti. It tells me something. He’s going to do something with us … I’m sure. We need it.

– Sr. Rosario Fumanal, RJM

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