Bridges, October 30, 2020


When I moved to St. John’s convent in the Bronx in 2012, I was thrilled to find a course in watercolor offered by the New York City senior center.   I had been enjoying classes in art while I lived at Bethany so finding a free class just up the hill made me very happy.  And I’ve been enjoying these weekly classes ever since.  My present teacher is a former La Guardia high school teacher, a school noted for its art training. So I have an excellent tutor. 

Although the corona virus put an end to in-class art lessons, the Riverdale Senior Services Center for Ageless Living has continued to offer the class through zoom.  Participants now include adults from Florida and beyond.  It’s always a pleasant surprise to see on my computer what we will paint.  This week we will paint a night sky.

Through the medium of zoom and the creativity of April, my art teacher, we have visited the art culture of many countries: desert treasures of western art, cave paintings in France, and Australian aborigine creations to name a few.

It has been a wonderful journey.  Not only does the Riverdale center offer the class I attend, but they offer a variety of courses and lectures on opera, balance training, bridge, a tour of the Metropolitan Cloisters and many more.

The offerings from the Center have been a real blessing to many seniors with time on their hands and no place to go.  I’m sure other senior centers have similar offerings. Check them out!

– Sr. Claire Dandeneau, RJM

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