Care of Creation Committee   

Care of Creation Committee Did You Know… A message from Greenpeace: info@greenpeaceusa.org We know that fossil fuel executives’ priority is not people and is definitely not the planet – it is profit. Exxon executives were first warned 44 years ago that the results of burning fossil fuels could be catastrophic for the planet. They could have pivoted. They could have sounded an alarm bell for all to hear, and invested in sustainable energy like wind and solar. They could have stopped asking the federal government for more subsidies and more public lands leases for the extraction of oil, gas, and coal. Instead, they dug in. Literally. They kept mining and drilling – and they have spent decades sowing doubt about climate change.

While fossil fuel executives can afford to buy second homes, vulnerable communities and people of color are being hit the hardest with health impacts and threats to both their lives and livelihoods.

Submitted by Srs. Diane Dube, RJM and Doris Bissonnette, RJM

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