Bridges, September 28, 2018


CATHOLIC MOBILIZING NETWORK: Catholic Sisters have long been at the forefront of the death penalty abolition movement in the United States. Last month, Pope Francis made a historic revision to the Catechism calling the practice of capital punishment “inadmissible” in all cases and an attack on the “inviolability and dignity of the person.”

On behalf of THE RELIGIOUS OF JESUS AND MARY, Sr. Rita added the community name to the list of signers who will help to advocate and pray for the end of the death penalty.

Of the many individuals and groups who have signed the pledge, click on this hyperlink below to view the religious orders who have signed the pledge.


Last week I went to the Provincial Offices at the Stuart Center thinking that my only role would be to blow out a candle (mine) and light another (for Sr. Mary Bourdon). With a little difficulty (the lighting, not the blowing) I accomplished my task, and sat back, only to find that there was a Part 2.

Those of you who watched this on video could no doubt see how surprised I was. Perhaps you could also see how touched and delighted and grateful I was. That feeling has only grown as I read and re-read your notes, and enjoy the array of photos. Your memories jogged my own, although there were some references I just don’t remember, but I’m thrilled that you do. I see you all as I page through “the Book,” and count myself blessed in each of you.

Perhaps a favorite poet says it best. Gerard Manley Hopkins writes, “There was a house where all were good to me, God knows, I, deserving no such thing…..

My loving thanks to each and all,
Rosemary, rjm

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