We have received many Christmas greetings, both paper and electronic, from the provinces and our sisters throughout the Congregation.  Tucked into each are thoughts, prayers, wishes for Christmas and the New Year — and much love for each and all of us! 

At the risk of singling out any one message, we will share three that have Haitian “connections” — one is from Cuba where our postulant, Middia Doute, is in her second year of postulancy; the second is from Middia herself, and the third is from the Port-au-Prince Family of Jesus and Mary.

From The RJMs in Cuba:

Continual Christmas

“Your Christmas today is now the advent of tomorrow that opens my entire being to the gift of You without measure.”  Benjamin Gonzalez Buelta, SJ

Our best wishes for this Christmas and 2017.


From Middia Doute:

Good afternoon and greetings, my sisters!

Christmas is a powerful moment not only in the life of the Church, also in the life of each family.  For Christmas is hope, joy, a road that leads us to Jesus and that we follow with passion.  Merry Christmas to you and to all the sisters in the province.  May this light of Christmas guide you, all of you, and our families.

…I received the province’s card, many thanks for all your wishes.  I am very grateful to receive this card.  Merry Christmas and a good New Year.        Middia

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