From November 17-30, former Quest Volunteer, Aileen Reid, and current volunteers Pujan Mapchan and Geri Lanham, distributed 60 filtration systems through the program Water with Blessings.

During those two weeks the three went to different areas of greater Gros Morne often accompanied by two local female agronomy technicians, to educated the communities not only on the filters but the importance of clean water.

Here, the two agronomy technicians explain the proper use of the filters which remove from the water not just dirt, but also parasites and other water-borne illnesses.

Over the past year Aileen has worked at raising funds to provide the buckets to women in the community, which in return will provide clean water to their families and communities.

These two women from the Fon Ibo area stand to the left of Aileen after they received their buckets, as Pujan sits on the right.

These women in Peru, along with the two agronomy technicians, show off their new filters and buckets.

Now they and their children will have clean, safe water to drink because of this simple to use and easy to maintain water filtration system.

– Brittany Galvin, former QUEST year-long volunteer

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