Catholics Are Still In

BREAKING NEWS! Catholic Climate Covenant launched a new nationwide campaign (Catholics Are Still In) to garner the U.S. Catholic community’s support for climate action. With our partners, we developed the U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration, which expresses the Catholic imperative to protect and promote human life and human dignity, especially among the poorest and most vulnerable peoples, by protecting our common home and acting on climate change.

The U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration is an expression of solidarity with the We Are Still In campaign which began in June 2017, after President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Over 2,600 institutions have joined the We Are Still In campaign thus far, representing the largest cross-section of American society ever to support climate action.

Last week, three Catholic bishops sent a letter to their fellow bishops asking them to sign their dioceses onto the Declaration. Today, Bishop Pates of the Diocese of Des Moines and Episcopal Liaison to the Covenant sent a letter to the leaders of Catholic institutions across the nation asking them to join.

The U.S. Province of the Religious of Jesus and Mary signed the U.S. CATHOLIC CLIMATE DECLARATION!!!

You can view the U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration at:

Commitments to the Catholic Climate Declaration will be made public on the third anniversary of the release of Laudato Sí, June 18, 2018. The deadline for signing the Declaration is June 11, 2018.

Do you have questions or need more information? Check out:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Catholics Are Still In campaign and Catholic Climate Declaration
  2. Not sure how to proceed in seeking signatures? The Step-by Step Guide for Gathering Signatures for the Catholic Climate Declaration outlines the easy process.

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