Photo by Aileen Reed

In this issue, we highlight Camp Claudine and the college-age volunteers who live 4-weeks, or even a year in Haiti, serving the Haitian people as they themselves, little by little, build Haiti into a nest strong enough to hold their children’s bright dreams for the future.

Your Camp Claudine children are a sea of blue tee shirts with a bird building her nest and the Haitian proverb, “Piti, piti zwazo fè niche li –little by little the bird builds her nest.” Above are the many 310 camp-ers, who because of your generosity ate two meals each day, played sports, participated in arts and crafts, swam in the nearby river and benefitted from lectures on different topics given by Haitian counse-lors and community members. The children thrived in the safety of Camp Claudine where they got to be simply children for the month of July.

Youth Volunteer Experience:

  • Aileen Reed (repeat volunteer)
  • Muyan Zhan
  • Emily McMullen
  • Jean Duckworth
  • Katie Williams (year-long volunteer, again returning for 3 months this coming September)
  • Elizabeth Ratke (repeat year-long volunteer)
  • Corinne Paul
  • Francesca Singleton (year-long volunteer)

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