Nilvia Madera NJM

Many are the ways of proceeding of Jesus in our lives, my case is not different, since I am the second daughter of five a non-practicing Catholic family, but which during my childhood my parents and above all, my grandparents were concerned that I believe in God.

I knew the God of my grandmother and my mother up to the age of 18, the age in which it was still obligatory to participate in the activities of Holy Week so that after that one could go to the beach at Easter. If I did not go to Church then I could not go to the beach; this was a situation which worried me; however, Jesus “profited” of this, to present Himself and from that moment the thigs that concerned Him ceased to be an obligation to become a passion, a way different of doing so that my life would have sense, raison d’être, and above all, the motivation for many things. It was in that Holy Week that Jesus changed the direction of my life, He put ‘play’ in my heart to open myself to know Him more interiorly, He sowed curiosity in me to allow Him to act, to search Him more to the point of wanting to follow Him, a question which frightened me very much, since I was studying in the University, I was leading a life like any young girl wanting to eat up the world, I had a stable relation with a boy, and sometimes we spoke about how many children we wanted to have. I do not know if I was more afraid about what we had planned, or about what my heart was telling me.

Nevertheless, in spite of all my fears, I decided to look for some help and accompaniment. I came to know numerous religious congregations, I had accompaniment and I knew a Congregation during some time but I realized that this was not my place that I did not fit in the mission that they carried out, and I ended my accompaniment with the Sister. Nevertheless, I continued to be concerned and I carried out different apostolic works and some courses in formation of missionaries and was very close to the activities of the Church. A long time went by in this, I finished my studies in the University: I am a psych- pedagogue by profession and I also qualified as a kindergarten teacher, in order to find work more easily even in regular schools. I had much work and many opportunities to be able to help in some way those who are forgotten, but for me all this was not sufficient. Jesus continued insisting to look for other means; I felt the need to find the manner of realizing myself more completely to give and to surrender everything that he placed in my heart. My family began to show disagreement because of my long stays in the mission and apostolic works. My relation with my boyfriend reached the point of having to take a decision and take steps and the only step that I wanted to take was to end it, because it took much of my time and I felt obliged to keep the established times to see each other.

The friends whom Jesus has placed on my way throughout my life have been a great help since through them I knew the Religious of Jesus and Mary, and I felt identified with the Charism that Claudine left us, but above all, I felt that it corresponds to the way in which Jesus wants me to follow Him. This is how I arrived to Jesus and Mary and I have been able to make part of my life the invitations that Jesus has given me. Some years have gone by during which I have been walking with Claudine, I have been afraid, in many moments there has been uncertainty, but the confirmations have been more numerous and more constant that Jesus wants me to follow Him in this Congregation. My family is not happy with my decision but I can feel at peace because I feel that this is my place and I trust that Jesus will work in their hearts so that one day they will accept my vocation and in this way share my joy and happiness. Many have been the experiences that I have lived, the roads on which I have walked, the people with whom I have shared; but the JESUS who presented Himself one day continues to be the same with great surprises, with much shared life like a source which always gives more, and which never gets exhausted; a Jesus who confirms me every day that ours is to share life together in order to go to the encounter of the other.

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