The Volunteer Program is an opportunity to open a possible way in the society of walls, of separations and of exclusions, so that persons who are on both sides can relate with one another and express in a tangible way that these paths are possible.

Why be a Volunteer?

  • Because I feel the impulse to go out of myself and to go “beyond”.
  • Because I want to give “freely” what I have received freely.
  • Because I believe that this is justice.
  • Because I feel a call to go out to the reality.
  • Because I want to commit myself with this world and with “my brothers and sisters”.
  • Because my life will have more meaning.
  • Because I want to go where the heart leads me to…

Source: Web Page Provinces of Spain

The J.M. International Volunteer Program helps us to:

  • Globalize solidarity, establish exchanges between countries and regions.
  • Accompany persons, specially the youth, in their search for meaning in life and for their vocation, and in their search for God.
  • Discover the living faith of people who suffer.
  • Help others to become agents of social change / transformation.
  • Deepen knowledge of the charism.
  • Create possibilities of collaboration with the provinces or communities most in need of pastoral assistants.

The J.M. International Program:

  • Promotes collaboration among the provinces which send and receive volunteers.
  • Helps to have a broader vision and common criteria.
  • It is an openness to the international dimension
  • Strengthens the J-M spirit.
  • Helps the provinces with the formation of volunteers and offers guidance for the communities.