Haiti Earthquake Report


We, the ICM (Cœur Immaculé de Marie/Immaculate Heart of Mary) Sisters and RJMs (Religious of Jesus and Mary) started our three day visit to the south on 24th August. We were 7 sisters (6 ICM and 1 RJM) with two cars (1 sent by the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Church, Toi Raque and the other from us RJMs). Since we were a big group, even two cars were not enough to take the people plus all the supplies. We requested that HAITI TRANSPORT send us a small truck, which they did. Haiti Transport is providing this service free of charge to all the Congregations or Organizations taking aid to the south of the country. They were a group of 3 men, a driver and 2 helpers. One sat with the driver and the other at the back to guard the supplies. In total we were 12 people… Download the full report below.

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