Dear sisters,

Along with UNANIMA’s September bulletin, I would like to share with you some good news that has been made possible thanks to UNANIMA. Last month, an Ursuline Sister from the United States, Sister Larraine, got in touch with me because our congregation is present in Syria. Thanks to her NGO (Water with Blessings), we began a project to get drinking water to Syrian families of Aleppo.  Already, our sisters in Syria received several boxes with filters to cleanse the water. And at the end of September, Sister Annie Demerjian will be providing training to the religious Franciscans who will in turn distribute filters as well. We will be providing further details in the upcoming bulletin, wherein we also hope to share some photos with you.

The present bulletin contains several interesting pieces of information, but I would like to draw your attention in a particular way to the information provided on page 4, which provides the dates of various international celebrations.

For those of you who work in schools or/and in other educational centres, it could be interesting to share this information with the staff and young people who have been confided to you.

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