Cover of Occasional Papers.


The Summer issue of LCWR’s journal, Occasional Papers, which explores how to live closely attuned to the work of the Divine in the world, is entitled “Upon Whom Nothing is Lost.”

This phrase comes from a Henry James essay, “The Art of Fiction,” written for writers in which he encouraged them to be people upon whom nothing is lost. He urged writers to be attentive observers of the subtle movements of the world around them and the world inside of themselves. This same call is ours today – to be people who notice everything. The world today needs us to be aware of what is happening, to be curious, to explore possibilities. We are required to continuously put aside assumptions, be open minded, and go beyond the surface of what we encounter to see what lies below. In this time of chaos, uncertainty, and deep polarization in the world and our nation, the willingness to stretch our perceptive capacities is critical.

Included in this issue will be interviews with author and speaker Joan Chittister, OSB as well as with the founder and executive director of MIT’s Community Innovators Lab Dayna Cunningham. Other articles will focus on releasing old patterns that limit our perceptions, the importance of continuously expanding our minds, perceiving from multiple cultural perspectives, understanding the evolutionary perspective, how we can best live in the midst of diversity, and practices that place us in the heart of the world.

Please let Sr. Rita know by May 20th, if you want to order a copy of the Summer issue.

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