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On July 20, Sr. Janice Farnham sent the final manuscript of “Weaving Hope,” to the publishers.

Covering the years 1877 through 2017, this history of RJM in the United States weaves a tale of courageous, bold and faith-filled sisters.  It has required the talents and energies of so many people, stretching over two decades of time.  Weaving is a slow, painstaking process!  From that group of RJM “weavers” in 1996 who did the groundwork, through the long years of research in many archives, and several drafts of each version, the final document went to press.  Publishing is also slow and painstaking, and our history will cover well over 300 pages; with God’s grace and continued effort, “Weaving Hope” will be available early in 2021.

The publishers are Wipf and Stock, an academic company based in Oregon.  When the book is in final form, it will not only be available in print, but will be published online with Amazon, which means it will be available digitally for anyone.  Below is a Table of Contents so you can see how the story was “woven” together from the amazing strands of our many-faceted geographical locations. 


Weaving Hope: The Religious of Jesus and Mary in the United States, 1877-2017

Part One:     Framing a Loom

Chapter 1                A Century of Change for Nation, Church, and Women Religious

Chapter 2                Mission to the United States: First Foundations (1877 to 1927)

Chapter 3                Autonomy and Expansion in New England

Part Two:     Creating Patterns

Chapter 4                Parish Schools in Rhode Island (1887)

Chapter 5                New Directions and Growth in New York City (1903)

Chapter 6                Ministry in Upstate New York (1911)

Chapter 7                Textures of Desert Sands: the Southwest (1926)

Chapter 8                Pacific Patterns in Southern California (1936)

Part Three:  Weaving Fresh Fabric

Chapter 9                New Beginnings: Maryland and the South (1955)

Chapter 10  Re-weaving and Re-woven: Tapestry for a New Age

Sources Consulted/ Bibliography



Appendix I                    Foundations in the United States, 1877 To 2017

Appendix II     Provincial Superiors: Canada, Mexico, and United States

Appendix III                 Sisters Sent Abroad from the United States, 1921 To 2017



May the Spirit who began this tapestry among us bring it to completion!

– Sr. Janice Farnham, RJM


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