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On Saturday, August 8, the Sisters at the Jesus and Mary Mission Center attended the long-awaited Funeral Mass for Sr. Carmel Ethier and Sr. Clarice Dionne at St. Martha’s Church in Plainville, MA. Members of their families were also in attendance. The Liturgy was celebrated by our Pastor Fr. Joseph Mozer, our Associate Pastor Fr. Lambert Nieme, and a priest cousin of Sr. Clarice’s. Sr. Michelle Authier prepared a beautiful Liturgy based on the songs that had been requested by Clarice and Carmel. Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the cantors provided the music, however the RJMs did join in the recessional song, “How Good is the Lord”. Although attendance was restricted, it was a very loving farewell. Their ashes were buried on the following Monday, where once again, our Pastor, Associate Pastor and members of each family joined us for a short service prepared by Sr. Michelle. May both Sr. Clarice and Sr. Carmel rest in God’s loving embrace. – Sr. Alice Cote, RJM

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