Blessed Dina.


“Recently, one morning, I was listening to the radio station entitled ‘The Answer’ on 970 AM, with the show host, Joe Piscopo.  Among other things, Joe was sharing about his practice of lighting candles at the shrine of his favorite saints.  Mary, Joseph and Anthony are some of his favorites.  He was mentioning his visit to St. Malachy’s Church, in particular his visit to The Actor’s Chapel on 49th Street in NYC, in the theater district, off Broadway.

My attention was quickly divided between Joe and breakfast preparation.  Here is the reason.  He said the Saints he visited at St. Malachy’s Church were the regulars plus BLESSED DINA!  What did I hear?  As far as I am concerned, there is only one Blessed Dina.

Immediately I went to the Internet without delay.  There in THE ARTIST SHRINE, I caught a glimpse of her.  An icon of our Blessed Dina Bélanger, RJM is located next to Sr. Cecelia.

Who initiated the Artists Shrine?  How and why was Blessed Dina selected?  Unanswered questions!  I do hope that we learn more about Blessed Dina and Broadway. 

I did visit the church, it was a special meeting with Blessed Dina as she keeps interceding for us  in the Eucharistic Presence.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Blessed Dina back to New York City.

Our God truly communicates with us in mysterious ways.”

– Sr. Loretta Knapp, RJM

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