Bridges, July 26, 2019

CAMP CLAUDINE 2019 – Fon Ibo, Haiti

This photo shows most of the 320 campers who are attending Camp Claudine right now, at the Jesus-Mary School in Fon Ibo.  The camp banner (and tee shirts) read…

“Let us support children with love – Camp Claudine 2019”.

This year Camp Claudine has 25 counselors.  Met Leny Laguerre, Director of the Jesus-Mary School and the Haitian counselors have been joined by our American Quest volunteer counselors: Aileen Reed, Maria Catalano, Vivian Niestrom and Maryknoll Lay Missionary, Abby Belt.  Former Quest volunteer,

Geri Lanham, worked with Brittany Galvin on the many camp preparations.

The camp tee shirts were donated by our friend, Lorrie Kenney, one of the donors who make camp possible.

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