Gilbert and Honorine Nonaide, who came to the USA from a Cameroon refugee camp, are pictured here with two of their five children, taking possession of their new car.

When the 13th Street community downsized from 3 to 2 vehicles, permission was given to donate a car to this French-speaking family.  Gilbert, with the help of a translator who accompanied him to Driver Ed classes, obtained his license last Friday.  Because his work in a produce company often begins very early, before buses are running, Gilbert had spent time and energy walking to work.  “In America,” he said, “you need a car!”

Honorine, who has her Learner’s Permit, will soon join him as a driver, which will greatly facilitate meeting the needs of the whole family.

– Sr. Rosemary Mangan, RJM


Many thanks to those who have offered their time and talents to the work of our JPIC Committee, those who are continuing their service, and those who are “coming aboard.” 

For the coming year, the committee will consist of the following RJM:

Mary Bourdon; Pat Dillon; Diane Dube; Janice Farnham; Rosemary Mangan; Rosie Nicholson; Mariam Norick; Rita Ricker; and Kathleen Scanlon

Our 1st order of business will be to fix a date for a ZOOM meeting, whose agenda will be setting up a focus for the year and a way of proceeding.  I will be in touch with the committee members to work out a time that everyone can make.

Clearly, the framework for our task is in the JM Preferences of GC 37 which call us to “work with passion for justice, peace and the integrity of creation.”  That call is an echo of what we have been hearing again and again in the readings of this Advent time, what God is wanting for our world and its people.  Let us work together to do what is ours to do!

– Sr. Rosemary Mangan, RJM

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