Bridges, January 3, 2020


This Christmas seemed to come upon us very quickly.

Sr. Marge joined us and helped to decorate – particularly our ‘Christmas Rosemary Tree’ – easy up, tasty with our Christmas dinner, and soon to be planted in our yard.

Both communities celebrated Christmas dinner at Casa as well as a New Year’s Eve prayer and pizza party.

Then in the evening of Jan. 2, 2020 we gathered at Joan of Arc (left)to celebrate the residents’ Christmas/New Year’s Party. A good time was had by all but we’re now ‘party-ed out’!

This past weekend the shelter moved for the 5th time since October 2018. More migrants are coming to the shelter and are going to the east coast to be with their sponsors while preparing for their asylum process. Thanks to so many of you Sr. Natalia and I have sufficient donations on hand to assist them with warm winter jackets as they move to a colder climate. Last week I could only find 4 warm jackets at the Thrift Stores but today Nat and I were able to purchase 30 winter jackets in just 2 Thrift Stores – our prayers were answered! They are also in need of backpacks which we now have plenty of on hand and we’ll deliver all this in the morning. Thank you ever so much for all of your donations and prayers for ‘our’ (yours, Nat’s and my) ministry with the migrants. The picture of the message on the Christmas tree bag (on right) expresses the gifts YOU share with us, with the migrants – gifts of the heart and Jesus’ presence.

Thank you! And may these gifts come back to you very specially throughout this New year. We will be looking into Tijuana as the shelter with the most families in need as they wait to be called to enter the USA; conditions there are quite poor. Please pray for them. Thanks again for all your prayers and help – we really appreciate you!

– Sr. Rosie Nicholson, RJM

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