Caravan of Love


On Saturday December 8th Sr. Natalia Mejia, RJM and I participated in the ‘Caravan of Love’ with Enrique Morrones (founder and leader of the Border Angels) and his Border Angels.

We were one of 43 cars in this caravan leaving from the Border Angels small office in Barrio Logan in San Diego (shown here) to head to five different sites in Tijuana where the migrants are located. Cars were packed with various donated items needed by the migrants. A large group with some health professionals from Colorado went to the new shelter 7 miles from the Otay border crossing, which is the replacement shelter after they left the Tijuana Sports Arena. One group visited the Sports Arena to bring food and clothing to the few migrants remaining there.

The rest of us went to the Border Angels shelter on the beach next to the border wall in Tijuana Playas area. There Nat and I met some of the Honduran migrants who helped unload and repack items going to the next two shelters in Tijuana. One told us of his long journey, much of which was by foot. Now he was so happy to be at this shelter and hoping to get his papers in order. At the Border Angels shelter living space, food, donation room and immigration lawyers are provided for the needs of the migrants. It provides a hopeful view of the Pacific Ocean and the US can be seen through the border wall shown here on the Tijuana side.

Our two RJM communities here in San Diego are very united in prayer for the migrants, helping them with donations and visits on both sides of the border, and thankful to all of our province for the prayers and donations you have provided. God bless you very specially for your support as we share our 3 priorities, especially Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

– Sr. Rosie Nicholson, RJM

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