Bridges, January 4, 2019


Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM (below left) and Sr. Nazareth Ybarra, RJM (below right) received the following letter from Mr. Leslie Buckley, founder and Chairman of HAVEN, announcing that they will receive the William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award for their extraordinary work and dedication to the people of Haiti.

Dear Sister Rose and Sister Nazareth,

As you are aware, my wife Carmel and I launched Haven an Irish NGO, in January 2009, working solely in Haiti to empower its people to build sustainable livelihoods and create thriving communities. Every day, our projects and training courses – focused on three core areas of development: Water and Sanitation, Training and Education, and Shelter – are making this happen. Since its launch, Haven has facilitated the training of over 78,000 people in Haiti in a wide range of areas, and built or upgraded homes and shelters for over 20,000 people. We have brought more than 1,400 volunteers to Haiti, and directly employed over 1,200 Haitian people.

I am writing to you today in relation to Haven’s Annual Haiti Week, a week-long initiative taking place in Ireland every January, aiming to raise awareness and support for Haiti. Haven has run Haiti Week since 2012, bringing the business, music and arts communities in Ireland together to strengthen solidarity with Haiti. Every year, the most anticipated event of the week is the Haiti Ball, which, in 2019 will take place on Saturday, 19 January in Dublin.

During the Haiti Ball, we present the William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award to an outstanding individual(s) who have undertaken extraordinary work and dedicated their lives to the people of Haiti. Endorsed by former US President, Bill Clinton, at the launch of the first Haiti Ball, we are proud to present this award to such incredible people.

Sr. Rose & Sr. Nazareth, it would be our honour to present you with this award at the Haiti Ball 2019. I and the Board of Haven are deeply impressed with your work in Haiti, most particularly your focus on reuniting families and promoting strong education, training and self-empowerment opportunities to vulnerable families in Haiti. Every day, you are making an indelible mark in their lives, strengthening their families and communities so that they can look forward to a bright future.

We would be privileged to welcome you to Dublin for this event; I look forward to your response and I wish you continued success with your endeavours in Haiti.

Kind personal regards,

Leslie Buckley

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