On January 12th (the anniversary of the big 2010 Haiti earthquake), the Montfortain Fathers celebrated the ordination of two young priests who were ordained in our parish church. (It is the second year that they choose that date to hold ordinations since they lost 12 of their seminarians in the earthquake).

A reception followed at their agricultural and hospitality center in Grepin at which time they also dedicated a new multipurpose hall.

In honor of the 21 years of collaboration between the Montfortains and the RJM’s of Haiti, they dedicated the multipurpose hall to Claudine Thevenet. It is planned that the hall will be the base of advanced studies in entrepreneurial and development activities. At the dedication, I spoke of how fitting it was that the hall was dedicated to Claudine, since she worked so hard to teach the women in her care skills for making a living along with basic academic and religious formation.

On January 23, our community in Gros Morne was invited to dinner with members of the Focus on Haiti group, a collaboration of lay men and women and Sisters of Mercy who partner with us here in Gros Morne. They choose to recognize Pat and my 21 years of service in Haiti. The evening was a joyful event filled with reminiscing, good food and pleasant conversation. We look forward eagerly to many more years of collaboration in serving the people of Gros Morne.

– Sr. Jackie Picard, RJM

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