Sr. Vivian Patenaude, has been in Argentina for two weeks assisting RJMs with their spoken English. Just before her return to the USA on January 9th, she sent the following update:

My English Assignment in Argentina has ended.

Our last text was based on our first extant vow formula from 1838 and a comment by Sr. Janice Farnham. We decided that we would move into chapel and renew our vows, in English.

We started by reading a small section from the Positio – that of Feb. 25 and invite, from the Heavenly Court – our first mothers; Claudine, along with M. Francis Borgia, M. Xavier, M. St. Bruno, M. St. Peter….. to join us in spirit. Four of the RJM students had already left, but the rest of us found this experience very touching and meaningful.

This renewal was followed by dinner and a Karaoke. Our cook, Betty, plays the drums and Lupe, RJM, the guitar. We sang for about 1-2 hours then went to start packing for our trip to Buenos Aires later today.

Our Sisters here send their greetings and love from Argentina, and wish they could send some of their beautiful weather, warmth, sunshine…and birds that sing louder than any birds I´ve ever heard….

See you soon,

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