Bridges, January 24, 2020


The province JPIC committee held its first meeting of 2020 on January 16th.  With just a few glitches and blips, everyone successfully ZOOMED into our respective computer screens for what was an informative and energizing exchange.  Here are a few highlights from the meeting.

Regular Communication

Committee members have made a commitment to have a contribution from JPIC in every issue of BRIDGES between now and our Provincial Chapter in April.  Our hope is to help one another to keep those realities that merit our prayer and concern before our eyes, and to invite a response where called for.  Once the Chapter has taken place, the committee will meet again to consider a way forward in light of Chapter decisions.

International RJM Connections

Our members want to continue fostering the bonds with other JM JPIC groups.  Technology gives us the means of meeting together, and the JPIC blog on the RJM website has information about activities all over the world.  Although contributions to the blog are always welcome, each province is asked to send material at a specific time, and our time is NOW: Jan. 16 to 31. Sr. Rosie Nicholson is taking care of this for us.  Check out the blog:


UNANIMA’s next meeting will take place in February, to coincide with the first United Nations meeting to directly address HOMELESSNESS.  Our RJM representative, Sr. Josée Therrien, will be coming from Canada.  The latest UNANIMA newsletter, with a new format, was sent out with the Jan. 10 issue of BRIDGES.  For more information on the UN meeting, go to the website.


JPIC will continue to call us to making our voices heard when issues of justice come before our courts and legislators.  Srs. Janice Farnham and Rita Ricker will take responsibility for this.


Refugees and Asylum Seekers

A district court has issued a temporary injunction against an executive order of President Trump which gave state and local officials the power to veto refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions.  This is a victory for the Refugee Resettlement Agencies that brought suit against the President, and for all who oppose our increasingly harsh and restrictive immigrations laws.  January 29 is the first anniversary of the Migrant Protection Protocols, which force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while awaiting their hearings in the USA.  To learn about the campaign to stop this, go to       

Care for the Planet

Check the website of the International Union of Superiors General to access their recent webinar. The launching of the US Catholic Climate Project offers resources for addressing this crisis, and their website gives a great deal of information. We all might consider the call from the Global Catholic Climate Movement, inviting us to pledge to:
“…pray for and with creation, live more simply, and advocate to protect our common home.”

– Sr. Rosemary Mangan, RJM

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