JULY 4th – San Diego, CA

On July 4 we not only celebrated our country’s birthday but we celebrated the 82nd birthday of Sr. Martha Torres, RJM.

Just two days before, St. Paul’s Rehabilitation Center began welcoming two guests at a time to visit with patients in the patio area after a 4-month lockdown.

There are only two tables with plexiglass at least 12 feet apart, now available for short visits. Sr. Martha was thrilled to finally visit with Srs. Bernadette and Rosie on her birthday.

She was in great spirits, very appreciative of the staff who assist her and very peaceful in her surroundings.

The staff have been very caring and helpful in our communications with Martha via phone calls and when possible, face-time, on either the phone or computer. May all continue to be safe and COVID-19 free!

Sr. Rosie Nicholson, RJM

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