Bridges, July 2, 2020


For several years our school has been gifted with a program called, “Read Haiti” which gives 1st and 2nd graders a great beginning in both Creole and French. The program includes extensive teacher formation, supervision, and evaluation and they also provide reading and writing books as well as library books.

Since COVID-19 has stopped classes and most of our families do not have computers or internet access, let alone electricity, “Read Haiti” is now using radio broadcasts to reach the students!

This past Thursday at Jesus-Mary School in Fon Ibo, we had an exciting gathering of 1st and 2nd grade parents.

One the left, Met Leny and Mme. Germaine are shown distributing radios, radio instruction sheets, and worksheets to go with the lessons, to the 1st and 2nd grade parents.

The radios can be charged at local charging stations.

The opportunity was also taken for Covid prevention education using this worksheet.

God bless the University of Notre Dame, their ACE program and the Diocese of Gonaives. You can read more about their Alliance for Catholic Education on the two links below:


– Sr. Pat Dillon, RJM

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