Cover of Caste.



As we absorb the information being shared on the reality and effects of racism, one common reaction has been, “I didn’t know…; I never realized…!”  We’re learning much about the pervasiveness of this evil in our national history and our existing legal and social structures, as well as the reality of the “white privilege” many of us have unthinkingly benefitted from.

Conversation with those who have read Isabel Wilkerson’s book, CASTE, as well as the many laudatory reviews it has received move us to believe that it would be invaluable in educating ourselves  in this reality, and recognizing more fully the impact of racism on our personal and social lives.

One review states that this book “shines a light on what lies under the surface of American life today.” Wilkerson’s writing reflects careful research that is shared in clear and engaging prose and is laced with stories of real people.  She uses these to illustrate what she sees as the hidden caste system that has shaped our history, a system of human rankings signifying greater or lesser worth.

CASTE is available from Amazon for $14.70.  Your local library will probably have copies, but there may be a waiting list.  If you have a Kindle, you may be able to borrow an electronic copy.

Before the end of June we will announce the time and date of the online discussion.  Please share the invitation with any you think would be interested.   


– Sr. Rosemary Mangan RJM on behalf  of the JPIC Committee

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