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Each year Thevenet hosts a three-week, teacher-led, summer camp in order to provide students with fun in the sun (rain too), and novel and interesting experiences in play, art, dance, STEAM, and outdoor skills. 

Due to the Covid epidemic, last summer’s camp was necessarily cancelled, but this year the Thevenet Enrichment Camp is back stronger than ever.

Each week 60 campers from 3 years old though 11 embark on explorations through the woods of the Bethany property, mastering Lego challenges, constructing gummy bear and marshmallow figures, practicing their writing skills in sidewalk chalk art, practicing archery, enjoying water balloon skirmishes, and so many more fun activities.

Time is also provided for quiet moments for reading and relaxation, as well as sharing and conversations with friends, person-to-person.

As the Covid restrictions continue to be lifted, the staff, children and parents are thoroughly enjoying this June camp experience at Thevenet, and, even more, the hope for normalcy it heralds as we plan for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

– Sr. Joan Faraone RJM, Administrator

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