Immigration protest


Our country, our CA community of different faiths, different colors, different cultures, young and old from near and far – some from Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego – all gathered this Friday night and Saturday in various parts of San Diego to show solidarity and compassion with the immigrants especially the children.

Friday night Janet and I participated in the Interfaith Prayer at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on top of the hill in San Ysidro overlooking Tijuana in the background. Padre Pepe (Neal Wilkinson, SJ) and Fr. Jose Castillo, pastor of Mt. Carmel, lead us in prayer as we processed into the church.

The woman Rabbi led us in the sundown prayer of the Jews, inviting us all to be people of peace, love, compassion, dignity, integrity as we prepared to enter into the events of the weekend. She then went off to spend the night in prayer for all. Many men and women ministers of various Christian faiths led us in lively song, meditation and prayer. When the final leader closed the evening prayer sharing the depths of Islam, he, too, invited all to walk in God’s light and love with great reverence and unity.

We were all ONE in the heart of our loving God praying for the oppressed and the oppressors, praying for the integrity to treat all with respect as we were about to make the voice of the voiceless heard.

On Saturday morning Fatima, Janet and I participated in the rally at the Civic Center and ICE Building – just us and 5,000 of our new friends filling the streets. There were many short speeches, pro-immigrant, expressing outrage for the inhumane treatment of the children, the separated parents, and the un-American ways of our government leaders.

This little girl’s shirt shows the flags of various countries and hands holding the earth. On her shirt, she’s written,

“If you respect and learn about
different cultures, you’ll realize that…
It’s a small world after all.”

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