Sr. Françoise Barras, Provincial of Canada, shared that, although she has prepared different material for our French-speaking sisters, she has taken some things from the English-speaking Exercises. She writes: “…the different modalities of accompaniment have been a big help: here it is very difficult to find a spiritual director. But with the modalities, some communities are accompanying each other as a community, other small groups organized themselves in the same line, lay persons asked sisters to accompany them.” Additionally, Françoise notes that she prepared the material using the same calendar the English-speaking are following: “It strengthens our communion!” So, we prepare to enter the First Week, we know that our sisters to the north (and also in France and parts of Africa), are doing the same.

Each Sunday, Sr. Mariam Norick gathers with three other women. Together with a good friend who is a British doctor, and two American women working in U.S. Aid, she shares the week’s experience of the Retreat. “All three are very happy to have this opportunity, and our sharing on Sunday afternoon is rich.”

Our sisters in Africa come from four different countries, and have three “common” languages. Each one receives the material in the language with which she is most comfortable, and seeks out her way of being accompanied. Sr. Encarna Viarnès, Superior of the African Delegation, writes that “the material is beautiful and helpful.”

Follow-up Notes:
Mariam also shared that disruptions from ultra-conservatives in Islamabad, who are protesting what they see as threats to the Blasphemy Law, have made it impossible for some of their students to get to school for final school exams before the State exam.

And the Delegation of Africa will welcome Srs. Monica and Elisabeth from the General Government for the beginning of the Visitation on November 23rd.

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