It was the first time for Sr. Valle Chías González-Blanch, RJM and Sr. Curín José García Calvo, RJM to visit the monthly celebration of the “Pastoral Timoun Piti” in Beldorin. This programme that originated in Brazil and was introduced here in the northwest by Sr. Bridget O’Driscoll, OP, is alive and changing lives in the rural areas of Jean Rabel.

Frazina (third), one of the voluntary pastoral agents, accompanied us up the hillside. We arrived at our destination to be met by Veronique (first) and Diana (second), who had prepared the room and nutritious local refreshments. Little by little the children arrived and then the parents. The assistant coordinator, Bassy (fourth), gives back up support. All were welcomed, and as always, a reading from the gospel was shared. Then Bassy proceeded to talk about the food that is local , cheap and nutritious.

The children were weighed, using both the pink foot weighing scales and the suspension one for the babies! Valle was very interested as she is embarking on a malnutrition project. This link with local groups is excellent in identifying children most in need. A 6-year-old child present that day had the weight of a 4-year-old!

Refreshments were distributed – bananas, cassava and natural juice.

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