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Below is another article in our series, about education during the pandemic.

FON IBO, HAITI – Moving up at Jesus-Mary Parish School

Because of COVID-19, the 2019-20 school year resumed in Haiti August 17th and ended October 8th.  The 2020-21 academic year will begin November 9th.

Our thirty-three 6th graders will be moving up to 7th grade in other schools, and so they took advantage of the last full day of school for the school year, to offer their thanks in word and in song accompanied by the school band.  They presented their thanks and good-byes to the student body, their teachers, administration, cooks, Sr. Pat Dillon, the many volunteers, their parents and others who made their education possible at Jesus-Mary School. 

Sixth grade used to be the end of elementary school, but a few years ago the Haitian Ministry of Education eliminated the national 6th grade exam and now offers the first nation-wide exam at the end of ninth grade.  The school community is praying that we will soon be able to offer 7th to 9th grade classes too.

The kindergarten class will be moving up to first grade.  Sr. Farzana Philip, RJM (in mask) visited the upcoming first graders as they were enjoying their corn porridge lunch.  Several told Sr. Farzana they knew how to prepare the corn porridge themselves!

– Sr. Pat Dillon, RJM

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